Justin Greig - Consultant.

With spring fast approaching, it’s time to prepare for another season on the infamous Monks Pit. Monks is a fifteen acre lake with fifteen swims running from a deep end of twenty two feet to a shallow end around eight feet.

Over the years I’ve fished the lake, my tactics for spring, both bait and rigs hasn't really changed. Being a busy chef, my time is very limited, so I try to make the most of my time on the bank. Once I’ve (hopefully) found the fish, or got as close as I possibly can to them, I always start with my favourite Monks approach. A Bank BUG Demon size four hook tied blow back style to eight inches of my chosen supple hook link material. I arm this with a 15mm Baitcraft Snowball wafter fished snowman style with a single grain yellow or white pop up corn. With the addition of the plastic topper, this makes the hook bit super critically balanced which produces amazing hook holds with the weight of a size four Demon. This tactic has caught me some of the most sought after carp in Monks Pit over the years, including Porky at a massive 52lb. To this I will thread on a golf ball sized PVA bag of Baitcraft Snowball 4mm Trigger Pellets which have been sparingly coated in Baitcraft First Filter Hemp Oil. I will then either cast the rig to showing fish on their own, or boat out to my chosen spot with a cheeky chefy addition of five or six thinly sliced boilies (I’m sure this helped me catch porky 52lb) that just flutter down and sit on any type of bottom. The small bag of trigger pellets adds a little parcel of attraction when I don’t want to put much bait out and you soon know if fish are in the area as you get a lovely little slick come up on the surface when the pellets are disturbed. As the weather warms up, my bags get bigger and bigger until they reach the same length as the hook link. This then becomes a tactic you can only use by bait boat, but trust me, it looks awesome underwater and in Monks when they are on the pellet, the bigger the bag the better!

Tight lines to you all!