About us.

Every business has a story!

Baitcraft was founded in 2003 and soon became one of the most well-known bait names in the carp fishing industry. Baitcraft T1 was an overnight phenomenon in the baiting world and went on to literally empty every lake where it was introduced. Fast forward sixteen years, T1 is still to this day as popular as it was back then. Many devoted, advocates of the brand are still using T1 in their angling after a decade of use.

My Baitcraft journey began back in March 2012 when T1 was recommended by a close friend, that particular year I went on to have my best season ever, banking more than one hundred carp from my tricky syndicate water in the Lee Valley and pressured day ticket venues up and down the country. It soon became apparent, carp absolutely loved this stuff. 2012 also saw me land my new UK and European personal best fish. On that note, T1 has always had the uncanny knack of seeking out the big girls, looking back at my records from that year; no fewer than twenty five of the fish landed were over the magical thirty pounds mark. Over the next three seasons, T1 was always my go-to bait, what I didn't realise, my Baitcraft journey was really, just about to begin!

During 2015, under the owner at the time, Baitcraft started to slide in the wrong direction; supplier relationships broke down which consequently had a detrimental effect on the quality of the bait. Hard hitting social media/press adverts, offering Baitcraft products at ludicrous prices proved the company was in trouble. As time went on, it looked more and more likely, it was the end of an era for Baitcraft.

At the end of 2015, I decided to legally acquire the company with the sole intention to put Baitcraft firmly back on the map. A press release and statement were written and published by the angling media, the response was overwhelming. I'll be honest, it wasn't all good and it caused quite a stir. We received hundreds of phone calls from customers who'd ordered bait as a result of the above mentioned advertising campaign. What was delivered wasn't of a standard they were expecting. This challenge was certainly going to be harder than I first thought!

From there, the transition period begun. We gained access to ‘original’ recipes including T1, Super K and Snowball, along with all supplier information. Ingredient by ingredient and with the help of some seriously good bait gurus (not the former owner), we worked tirelessly to bring Baitcraft baits back in their original form, just like they were when first produced. No corners were cut and no stone left unturned.

Over the past six years of trading, we've seen a steady growth; this has resulted in a brand new website, product packaging and a fresh, updated corporate image.

Baitcraft boilies have always carried a smell and aroma like no other, it was imperative to bring back the ‘wow factor’ when opening a bag of our bait. Baitcraft produces some of most distinguished baits on the market. The legendary T1, Super K and Snowball are our three core ranges with the introduction of the extremely popular T1 Blackcurrant during 2018. Here at Baitcraft we're continuously developing new bait(s), over the past two years, we’ve been working with Josh Jackson, one of the best bait minds in the business. 2020 will see the launch of one of his creations, a brand new insect based boilie called Insecta, which quite frankly, is incredible!

To finish, I would like to take this opportunity to personally apologise to all previous customers who ordered Baitcraft products shortly before the take-over. What I've learnt in business, trust is a key factor and I guarantee one thing, all products which leave our factory are made with passion and commitment to the Baitcraft brand.

My Baitcraft journey continues!

Tight lines and good luck.

Christian Cox
Managing Director
Baitcraft Ltd.