SUCCESS BREEDS SUCCESS - Baitcraft anglers demand results!

All our baits are made under licence, using the finest fish catching ingredients available within the industry.
Required inclusion rates to achieve licensing standards, ensures optimum quality and cements our commitment to
using genuine products within the range.

Baitcraft produces some of the most distinguished bait to ever to hit the carp scene. Designed to breakdown immediately when submerged in water creating an instant, digestible food source. Our proven recipes and flavour profiles are formulated to work in harmony with each other and once introduced, will bring you consistent, long-term results, allowing you to concentrate on other
aspects of your angling in complete confidence.

The Baitcraft range includes legendary T1 Original, T1 Blackcurrant, Super K and an industry-first insect-based bait called Insecta,
a boilie produced without the use of fish meals or eggs, a breakthrough in bait development!

2022/23 will see the introduction of a new nut-based bait for all-year-round use called NECTAR,
early stages of testing have been incredible!

Also available from the Baitcraft stable is our UK Tactical range, liquids and merchandise. We also stock respective products from both Enterprise Tackle and Bank BUG!